Removing Snow From Your Roof

Winter has arrived earlier than normal in our area this year. It seems like we never really got enough of fall and all at once were thrown into the ‘depths’ of winter, literally. Due to the early (and numerous) snowfalls, its not too soon to start thinking about the snow already sitting on your dwelling and/or outbuilding roofs. As you know, snow can get extremely heavy for any roof to handle. With many months of winter still to come, collapsing roofs from snow load are a real possibility this season. You may recall the record snow falls and cold temperatures we had about five years ago. Many roofs did collapse all over the State of Wisconsin that winter.

With the above thoughts in mind, you may want to start removing some snow off your roofs now. Don’t wait for another possible two to three feet to fall on them. Even though your insurance may cover the loss of the roof collapse, its doubtful that anyone would really want to go through the heartache of seeing this happen. The damage is not limited to your dwelling or outbuilding, but the snow from a collapsed roof can cause the loss of the personal property as well. Some personal items may even include keepsakes that get damaged beyond repair. Therefore, a little prevention now could save many potential problems in the future. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for a nice, long, old-fashion January thaw!

Rick Harder – Agent for Harder Insurance Agency

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