Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Were you aware that when you do business with Trade Lake Mutual Insurance Company, you are working with a local area company with local area agents and agencies? Trade Lake Mutual is a property & casualty insurance company that is headquartered just outside of Frederic, WI. Like many Town Mutuals in Wisconsin, Trade Lake Mutual has been around since the late 1800’s and just recently observed its 143rd annual meeting. 

I am one of the local area agents appointed by Trade Lake Mutual to market its insurance products in the local territory. Working with and purchasing insurance from a local company such as Trade Lake Mutual helps support the local economy. Both Trade Lake Mutual and its agents know our area and in many cases, know the folks they are doing business with. We are in essence neighbors helping neighbors with insurance needs. Should a problem arise or should you need help with any insurance issue, you will not reach an ‘800’ number or a ‘paid for’ answering service company on the other side of the US, or possibly even further away. Instead, you will communicate with a local person when you place a call to Trade Lake Mutual.

Even being a relatively small insurance company, Trade Lake Mutual has competitive premium rates. We have much less outlay for things such as huge buildings, company owned golf courses, or expensive TV ads. It is also the case that many large companies (regardless of what they market) often lose the personal touch with their customers. In the insurance industry, this could result in a tendency to look for ways to avoid paying claims, as they don’t see the personal struggle following a loss.

I saw firsthand during two major weather events we experienced locally—a tornado in 2001 and high velocity straight line winds in 2011 that tore through the heart of our territory— where our company did what it could to pay claims for our policyholders. Claims have to be settled per the insurance contract and must be handled fairly for all. Having said that, in cases where the terms of a contract would support denying a claim but would also allow payment for the occurrence as long as payments were offered to all policyholders with the same issue, Trade Lake Mutual chose to pay and help the policy holders.

Another nice advantage of doing business with a company like Trade Lake Mutual is that the company is technically a cooperative, similar to a local electric or dairy cooperative. Policyholders have some say in how the company operates and in reality the policyholders are owners of the company. Policyholders are invited to attend annual meetings and can vote on directors and other important items that arise.

Trade Lake Mutual also has a great business relationship with 1st Auto and Casualty, for which I am also appointed to write. Because of this relationship, discounts are given from both companies for policyholders who utilize both companies’ insurance products. This means you can save money off both your home and auto premiums!

Concluding, you may be able to find a company offering cheaper rates, but from my experience, you will be hard pressed to find a better company with better service. Keep in mind that the sweet smell of cheap costs can be easily off set by the foul odor of a bad experience. Give me a call for a free, no hassle quote. I would love to help with your insurance needs. 

Rick Harder – Agent for Harder Insurance Agency

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